Outreach Programs and Students: When?

Outreach programs for students can take place during a variety of times throughout the year. Many of the programs mentioned previously took place during the school year, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Summer loss seems to be a common issue among students, so outreach programs offered during the summer months can prove to be very effective. Many public libraries can help students achieve by “providing summer reading programs, read-a-thons, family read-ins, early literacy promotions, hosting educational events, and sharing resources and information” (Martinez, 2008). Libraries can develop a wide variety of outreach programs during June, July, and August that could be very helpful in ensuring students are continuing to excel with their reading skills. Because students are not in school during these months, multiple programs can be offered to students of all ages. The public library in the city in which I live offers many events throughout the summer. One event that is very popular is a teacher read-aloud program. Teachers from all of the schools in the city are invited to sign-up to read at the library. The students absolutely love this because they get the opportunity to see their past teachers outside of school. This program is held at the library, so it also helps bring families to the library in the summer.

Overall, outreach programs to students are very beneficial in helping students succeed in school. So many different programs are available, both in school and out. Librarians can help support teachers by providing curriculum-based programs, homework help activities, and so much more. The collaboration between public and school librarians is very important in helping today’s students succeed.


Martinez, G. (2008). Public Libraries – Community Organizations Making Outreach Efforts to Help Young Children Succeed in School. School Community Journal, 18(1), 93-104.


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