More on Community Outreach…

For additional information on community outreach in LIS, please consider visiting a few of the following resources:

B Malczewski. (2013, May 1). Why Social Media Isn’t Working for Your Library. Public Libraries Online. Retrieved from

Bashaw, D. (2010). On the Road Again: A Look at Bookmobiles, Then and Now. Children and Libraries: The Journal of the Association for Library Service in Children, 8(1), 32-35.

Diane Bashawn’s article, “On the Road Again: A Look at Bookmobiles, Then and Now,” is also a good short summary of the past, present and future of bookmobiles.

CLP-Pop Up/Allentown Learning & Engagement Center. Urban Libraries Council. Retrieved from—engagement-center-innovation-926.php?page_id=275.

This is a great example of community outreach in urban populations. Check out the rest of the site for more examples and valuable information about urban libraries.

Communities Aren’t Cookie-Cutter, So Our Services Shouldn’t Be Either. (2013, October 30). The Outreach Librarian. Retrieved from

The Outreach Librarian is a great blog to browse if you are looking for first hand experiences with community outreach in libraries (all types). This post in particular highlights the differences between libraries and the importance of outreach and understanding that different communities require different services.

D Singer, D Agosto. (2014, January 8). Reaching Senior Patrons in the Digitized Library. Public Libraries Online. Retrieved from

Levin, D. S. (2008). A Special Program and a Special Partnership: Serving a Developmentally Disabled Adult Population. Colorado Libraries, 34(3), 36-38.

Miller, R. & Girmscheid, L. (2012, May 1). It Takes Two: The Need for Tighter Collaboration Between School and Public Librarians. School Library Journal. Retrieved from

This article talks about funding issues with public libraries and how they can work closely with school libraries to make sure they have materials geared towards the curriculum. Collaboration between public and school librarians is important to make sure both libraries have materials that meet students’ needs.

Murvosh, M. (2013, January 1). Partners in Success: When school and public librarians join forces, kids win. School Library Journal. Retrieved from

This article explains the importance of collaboration between public and school librarians. The article highlights outreach programs in many different areas around the United States and how they make an impact on students.

National Bookmobile Day 2015 – Bookmobiles at a Glance. (2015). American Library Association, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS). Retrieved from

For a very concise and informative look at much of the salient information on bookmobiles, I highly recommend the “Bookmobiles at a Glance” paper prepared by OLOS for National Bookmobile Day 2015. Includes a chart breakdown of the number of bookmobiles per state from the years 2006-2011, which is an interesting look at the wide variation in bookmobile popularity across the different states.

Patrick, L. (2014, June 26). Nashville Public Library Reinvents Its Summer Reading Model, Sees Early Success. School Library Journal. Retrieved from

This article focuses on a summer reading program in Nashville. All of the public libraries participate in this program to reach all of the children in the area. They have students participate in different activities throughout the summer where they can earn prizes, encouraging more participation in the program.

Sensory Storytime for Special Needs Adults. Urban Libraries Council. Retrieved from


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